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Once you've decided to sell your property, the next major decision is how much to ask for it. A sound and realistic strategy in setting your price can assure you of two things: you'll be more likely to get your asking price (or close to it), and you'll get it sooner.

Rely on Dick Clark Real Estate, LLC. Your RealtorĀ® can help you establish a realistic price based on age, location, features and market variables like interest rates and the availability of financing. We share your goal -getting the best price for your home. Avoid being influencedby experiences other people have had in the sale of their homes.

Price for the market. If your price is too high for the value a prospective buyer will receive, you may be shutting off what you need most to sell your property: a group of qualified buyers looking in the price range you establish. Every $1,000 difference between what you expect to receive and what the buyer expects topay makes a big difference in how many people will be interested in looking at your property. While a prospect may submit a low bid and give you a point at which to begin negotiation, this won't happen automatically. Many prospects are reluctant to present bids that are substantially below your asking price.

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Dick Clark

Dick Clark
Dick Clark Real Estate, LLC

The very best part of this business is meeting new people!   Spending the majority of my career in Human Resource Management and Consulting, I truely enjoy the interactions with customers an...

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