Use Our Moving Trailer – For Free!

When you buy or sell with Dick Clark Real Estate, you can use our moving trailer for FREE!

At Dick Clark Real Estate, we know how stressful moving can be.  The excitement of moving can often be overshadowed by the technical details of coordinating when to move, who can help, how will you get everything moved without making dozens of trips, and the list goes on.

At Dick Clark Real Estate, it’s our job to guide you and help you thru the entire buying or selling process, and now we’re taking that one step further.  When you use any of our Realtors to buy or sell, you can use our moving trailer for free!

Talk with your Realtor for details.  Coordinate dates and times that work for you, and you’re all set!  You’ll pick up the trailer, use it for your move, and bring it back to us when you’re done!

Dick Clark Real Estate – Don’t Make a Move Without Us!  Or, our moving trailer!